CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

2002 Review ~ "Clockstoppers"

Plot wise, "Clockstoppers"" is Saturday matinee popcorn eating entertainment, yet the film’s creators have managed to create a sense of freshness as the narrative unfolds.  "Clockstoppers" does not take itself so seriously and therefore becomes more entertaining than the tribute to H.G. Welles.

Zak Gibbs (Jessie Bradford) lives in a nice all-American suburban community with a research scientist father (Robin Thomas) who neglects him.  Professor George Gibbs has invented a watch which controls hype time, a state of being that gives the average human the ability to freeze time and wander the world as an invisible person.

headed by the sinister Mr. Gates (Michael Biehn), governmental agents pursue this invention and violate dht eciviel rights of Professor Gibbs and his former researcher apprentice, Dr.Dopler (French Stewart).

since  losing his job on the television series "Third rock from the Sun,"   character actor Stewart steals the show as the goofy and victimized Dopler.  It is also fun to watch "Saturday Night Live" alumnus and cancer survivor Julia Sweeney make the most of there small role as Mother Gibbs.  The romantic leads, Jessie Bradford and Paula Garces, do an adequate job creating empathy for their stock characters.

The edge that "Clockstoppers" has over "The Time Machine" can be attributed to director Jonathan Frankes.  A veteran of the previous two "Star Trek the Next Generation" movies, Frankes has the experience to present complex scientific philosophy without getting bogged down with scientific jargon.

While "The Time machine" may please the academic crowd, "Clock stoppers" as the heart to be good family fare.
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