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Lent Day 37 "Burma VJ" at Cinema Paradiso this evening. - CinemaDave

Mar. 25th, 2010 08:19 am Lent Day 37 "Burma VJ" at Cinema Paradiso this evening.

"Burma VJ" http://burmavjmovie.com/ was nominated for best documentary last year. Without the marketing expertise of "The Cove," "Burma VJ" has not been as recognized by the mainstream media. Shot with Iphones and home video camera, "Burma V.J." features scenes of violence and oppression perpetrated by the government of Republic of Myanmar (formerly Burma). In a land where free speech is banned, young Video Journalists (VJs) attempt to document a citizen protest against a military dictatorship in 2007. The results are disastrous, yet as the VJs retreat to Thailand, these young journalists plan their next return to the nation formerly known as Burma."The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Cinema Paradiso" will hold a special screening of "Burma V.J" this evening at 6PM.

Oh Yeah,Http://CinemaDave.Livejournal.com is nominated for a Rondo Hatton Award. Please vote Cinema Dave on ballot #15;


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