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The Best Collector's Edition DVD ever! - CinemaDave

Dec. 17th, 2005 07:34 am The Best Collector's Edition DVD ever!

The Best DVD released is the Collector's Edition of
"King Kong." Time and care were taken in researching
this classic tale of beauty and the beast. Besides
directing the new remake, Peter Jackson has lovingly
recreated a lost sequence from the original movie, the
nightmarish “Spider Pit Sequence.”

To recapture the
spirit of the animator Willis O'Brien, Jackson had his
team recreated the original stop motion technology from
70 years ago. The results are inspirational.

It is easy to see why this “Spider Pit” sequence was
eliminated from the original release to the 1933
audience. After sailors fall into a pit, four
creatures crawl out and devour the sailors. The
deaths are gruesome and could have been a showstopper.
While the sequence does detract from the beauty and
the beast theme, the lost sequence is considered the
holy grail of celluloid.

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