CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

In the pioneer days of the internet....

In the pioneer days of the internet, there was a website called "Cinemamania." One of the contributors to the website was
Leonard Maltin and I sent him an e-mail, complimenting his books,
"Movie Comedy Teams" and "The Great Movie Shorts."
Months later I received a reply from Mr. Maltin thanking me.

I do not know what happened to "Cinemamania,"
but Leonard Maltin survives and thrives.
This is the link to his website;

More so than most critics,
Mr. Maltin is a historian.
Therefore, I hate to use the word "critic" when I describe
Mr. Maltin's movie reviews.

Among his sidelines, Maltin introduces and provides a historical perspective for DVDs. For the "Warner Brothers' Gangsters release," Maltin introduces "Warner's Night at the Movies," which features cartoons,
short subjects and newsreel footage preceding the feature motion picture.

I recently heard a story about Stan Laurel.
The comedian was watching one of his short subjects on television and he was upset with the poor timing of the commercial interruptions. Mr. Laurel called the station manager and offered to come to the television station and edit the shorts FOR FREE. The station manger refused the offer. With this story in mind, take a peek at Mr. Maltin's take on DVD marketing;
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