CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Avatar" will be a hit, but it is over rated

As a film columnist, the most frustrating part of this job is the ebb and flow of movie releases. Usually between mid August and Thanksgiving holiday, the major studios release weaker films. When the holiday season arrives, we are bombarded with franchise motion pictures or critically acclaimed films that become award nominees.

On the opposite end of the production spectrum is James Cameron much anticipated epic, **Avatar.** Released 12 years ago to the day of his last flick, **Titanic,** writer/director returns the the science fiction genre that he knows so well, given his previous body of work; **The Terminator,** Aliens** and **The Abyss.**

Produced for the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery's 6 story IMAX screen, **Avatar** is a breakthrough motion picture that absorbs the ticket buyer into another world. **Avatar** is not a 3D motion picture that throws things at the viewer, instead the film invites the ticket buyer to look deeper into the forests of Pandora, an alien planet.

Paralyzed Marine Grunt Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is recruited by an military colonel (Stephen Lang) and greedy real estate developer (Giovanni Ribisi) to spy upon the blue race of creatures living on Pandora. In order for Jake Sully to blend in with the natives, a genetically enhanced avatar is created.

Given that an avatar becomes operational only when the host is sleeping, Sully's avatar becomes a voice of the marine's superego. As the colonel and the real estate developer become more aggressive, Sully's conscience takes a stand against injustice.

For the most part, **Avatar** delivers as a visual roller coaster ride of science fiction thrills. Yet the long movie bogs down with an overkill ending and a preachy climax. Yet this is Christmas weekend, it is not a time to be preachy - but a time to spread peace on earth and good will towards one another. Merry Christmas Dear Readers!

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