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"Drag Me to Hell" is Raimi Brothers having fun - CinemaDave

Nov. 13th, 2009 09:58 pm "Drag Me to Hell" is Raimi Brothers having fun

For the pure pessimist in need of a fix, Sam Raimi's **Drag Me to Hell** was released on DVD in time for Halloween. While he has been sidetracked by directing the **Spider-Man** trilogy, Raimi was well known for his horror movies (**The Evil Dead trilogy,** **The Gift** **Darkman**). Co-written with his brother Ivan, Sam Raimi **Drag Me to Hell** is a morality tale for 2009.

Christine (Alison Lohman) denies credit to a toothless gypsy woman. The gypsy woman does not like the way she is treated, so she puts a curse upon Christine. Christine has nightmares and suffers from delusions.

**Drag Me to Hell** is entertaining from beginning to end. Lohman gives a charming performance and generates more sympathy than any of the characters featured in **2012.** Both motion pictures present negative themes, yet **Drag Me to Hell** communicates an important moral lesson while **2012** presents more socialized propaganda from Hollywood.

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