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"2012" is typical disaster, Hollywood style - CinemaDave

Nov. 13th, 2009 09:52 pm "2012" is typical disaster, Hollywood style

As President Danny Glover says in the latest box office sensation, **2012,** "The world is going to end and there is nothing we can do about it." For apocalyptic scholars, **2012** does fulfill one's pessimism to a point. The pure pessimist will be disappointed - **2012** plants enough seeds for a sequel.

**2012** follows the formula of the old Irwin Allen disaster flicks from the 1970s, most notably **The Poseidon Adventure** and **The Towering Inferno.** First you establish the exposition of stereotypical characters from different social strata, mainly the dysfunctional family and the smart people who work in the White House. The second act features the climatic disaster and the third act reveals the producer's core assertion.

The constant marketing on television has presented some enticing shots for "2012." On the big screen for a matinee price, the epic action scenes are a visual feast. **2012** will be remembered for the aerial shots of airplanes escaping from crumbling runways. While these scenes are repeated three times, these sequences do not feel repetitive The special effects in these sequences are full of tiny details that will involve closer and repeating viewing.

After witnessing two hours of heart pounding action in which Christian and Asian landmarks crumble in front of our very eyes, **2012** suffers from a prolonged climax with two scenes of contrived suspense featuring a father's sacrifice. These scenes involve John Cusack, as the father,feel shallow. For a film that won this critic over earlier, **2012** bogs down under the weight of it's own lofty themes.

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