CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

A docudrama about the creation of the docudrama, "Capote"

Like O.J. Simpson, actor Robert Blake has been found
innocent of murdering his wife, but is liable for her
slaying in a wrongful death civil suit.. Besides being
the star of the 1970s television show "Baretta" and a
member of "Our Gang-Little Rascals," Blake costarred
with John Forsythe in the movie "In Cold Blood,"
written by Truman Capote. Upon the book's publication,
Capote became a media celebrity who spent the
remaining years of his life being more famous than
relevant. The new film "Capote" may of been accurately
titled, 'Capote, in his Cold Blood." "Capote" focuses
on the celebrated author's years in writing his novel,
"In Cold Blood," a breakthrough book that separates
the thin line between fact and fiction.

Based on the book written by Gerald Clarke, Director
Bennett Miller draws a parallel between Capote
(Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and the two killers, in
particular Perry Smith (Clifton Collins Jr.). Capote
develops a kinship with Smith and finds that his
writing is inspired by this murder trial and appeals.
Despite being anti death penalty, Capote becomes
increasing depressed that he can not conclude his book
until Smith and Richard Hickock (Mark Pellegrino) are
executed. "Capote" presents the story of a man who
believes he is selling his soul to the devil.

An actor who stands some 6 inches taller than the
character he is portraying, Philip Seymour Hoffman
nevertheless channels the spirit of Truman Capote. He
masters the flamboyance of the celebrity who was the
target of "The Dean Martin Roasts," but reveals the
selfish ugliness in his private moments. As Harper
Lee, Catherine Keener provides a stoic, yet charming
performance as Capote's sounding board. "Capote" is a
somber, talky melodrama, but when the murders are
recreated in a flashback, the results are jarring.
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