CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Chris Van Allsburg's "Zathura"

On a much lighter note is "Zathura," a picture book
written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg.
"Zathura" is an old fashioned board game that is found
in the basement of an old house. You know this film is
a winner when the director Jon Farveau confidently
presents old fashioned film credits with a soaring
musical score by John Debney. "Zathura" is a film for
young people that does not cater to pop culture, but
with a modern sensibility.

Danny(Jonah Bobo) and his baby brother, Walter (Josh
Hutcherson), suffer from sibling rivalry. Much to the
consternation of their divorced and overworked father
(Tim Robbins), the two boys run around the house and
break things. An older sister (Kristen Stewart) sleeps
late and dates bad boys. Walter discovers the
"Zathura" game and starts to play with it. As the
games begins, meteors shower the house. The boys, the
sleepy sister and the house in sent into outer space
and become prey of the carnivorous Zargons. While the
Zargons represent nightmarish imagery, the light tone
of "Zathura" guarantees family fun. As the boys and
their sister play the game of their lives, the three
gain maturity and a better understanding of each

"Zathura" is the third successful professional
marriage between Chris Van Allsburg and the motion
picture industry. "Jumanji" starring Robin Williams
was released ten years ago to good box office, but
disappointed the fans of Van Allsburg's book.
Produced by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks and
Michael Jeter, "The Polar Express," has become a
Christmas favorite that has returned to the IMAX
Museum of Discovery in Fort Lauderdale (
and is being
released on DVD.
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