CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Cinema Dave meets Alice Cooper Chapter One: Family and Foundation

Successfully married for 33 years to Sheryl Goddard, the Coopers has three children, Calico, Dashiell and Sonora the youngest, who recently obtained her driver’s license. Alice and Calico Cooper have a cameo appearance in an upcoming vampire/musical comedy, "Suck," which costars fellow golf addict, Malcolm McDowell.

When asked if he and Sheryl were preparing for empty nest syndrome, Coop replied;

“They never leave. We have not chained them to their room, but we are not selling our 10 thousand square foot home. We expect them to bring their families some day.”

The Coopers are a fixture in the Arizona community. Dashiell is in his senior year at Arizona State University and Sheryl runs a dance studio for their **Solid Rock Foundation,** a place were teenagers can go hang out after school. The Coopers have created a variety of fund raisers for this non profit organization; golf tournaments and a unique Christmas show themed around pudding;

“We keep Christmas Pudding like a house party. The idea came from Groucho Marx, you had to perform to get your pudding at a Groucho party. I get a variety of players that you would never see matched with each other, like Megadeath and Glen Campbell together on stage performing. Christmas Pudding can last as long as 5 hours.”
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