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"The September Issue" - CinemaDave

Sep. 13th, 2009 10:23 pm "The September Issue"

"The September Issue** is an 88 minute long documentary about creation of a five pound, nearly 1000 page issue of "Vogue Magazine." Unlike the 1000 page health bill or job stimulus package before congress, much more care and concern went into this document printed in 2007.

Under the direction of Anna Wintour, the viewer witnesses the six month creation of the fashion edition of "Vogue Magazine." From the limo rides in Manhattan to the photo shoots in Paris, London and Rome, the ticket buyer is given a clinical look at the creation of a magazine.

While it is common knowledge that Meryl Streep's character from **The Devil Wears Prada** is based on Anna Wintour, **The September Issue** does not present their leading lady as a devil. Like Hugh Hefner's appearances on his reality television series **The Girls Next Door,** Wyntour is given grand entrances and grand exits. However it is her Creative Director, Grace, that steals the focus from the film's leading lady.

Approximately the same age as Anna, Grace looks older than her boss. As Grace describes her life, she reveals that she was once a model for **British Vogue Magazine** when she was a teenager. As soon as the audience members start asking; "What happened to her?" Grace reveals that she was in a car accident that nearly took out her eye.

It is the relationship between Grace and Anna that one will remember from this documentary. As icy as Anna is, Grace is full of fire and is seen as the only "Vogue" employee who is willing to dispute her boss. Grace's comments provides the life behind **The September Issue.**

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