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General THAN SHWE caricature GENERAL THAN SATAN* - CinemaDave

Jul. 27th, 2009 10:22 pm General THAN SHWE caricature GENERAL THAN SATAN*

General THAN SHWE caricature by Jim McNalis



Meet General Than Satan, decked out in his array of distinguished medals and ribbons. These awards celebrate and honor the general for his significant talents and accomplishments.


B for Brutality

C for Consigned and child labor

G for Genocide

L for Lies, manipulation and deceit

M for Murder

R for Rape

S for Slaughter

T for Torture

VB for Village burning

E for Evils yet to be committed

*This political caricature of General THAN SHWE, leader of Myanmar’s illegal regime and military dictatorship has begun to appear in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

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