CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,


The Pig Who Would Be King


1. The general attempts to revise history to prove he is the direct descendent of Burma’s royal families.
2. How did a pig become a general ?
3. How did the general become a pig ?
4. Finding romance outside one’s species and groveling in it !
5. Once a pig always a pig.

SPECIAL FEATURE. The secret of Than Shwine’s heritage and how he became a hybrid species.
Talk about “stranger than fiction”. You are not going to want to miss this bizarre, biological biography.

Look for ‘THAN SHWINE: THE PIG WHO WOULD BE KING’ in your local book store SOON !!!!!
“This story was so disgusting, it made me want to blow lunch.
I am suing for defamation of species”.
Porky Pig
“So amazin’ it made me want to invade Burma. If they just had some oil I‘d call it “operation Burma Bonanza“, and bomb’em tomorrow”.
George Bush
“Never dreamed a pig could do so much damage to me and my family”.
Khin Nyunt
“What a Pig ! Makes me ashamed of my own kind”.
Miss Piggy
“If news of this pig gets out, he will be getting more press coverage than I am”.
Paris Hilton (also rumored to be a pig)

*Caricature of General Than Shwe the illegal ruler of Myanmar and head of its military regime by Jim McNalis.
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