CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Bruno" is a forced "Borat"

The Michael Jackson memorial and interment has lived up to expectations as both a paparazzi tragedy and comedy. The tragedy of Michael Jackson will haunt the Jackson family for the rest of their lives, but the comedy will thrive under the guidance the sociopathic mainstream media machine fed by higher ratings and corporate advertising revenue.

There was a Jackson family connection with Sacha Baron Cohen's latest flick, **Bruno,** which was to feature LaToya Jackson being punked. Due to her brother's death, the LoToya Jackson scene was edited from the film. This may be the only sensitive gesture associated with **Bruno,** that is barely rated R.

At one point this film came close to a NC-17 rating for indecent exposure. Ticket buyers beware, even with an R rating, the ticket buyer witnesses naked physical acts.

A pseudo documentary, **Bruno** is about a gay Austrian man (Cohen) from the fashion industry. After a disasterous showing in Milan, bruno decides to come to Los Angeles and become the biggest Austrian Superstar since Adolph Hitler. Bruno fails miserably in his quest to become famous, so he tries a new track for success by following the headlines inspired by Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Al Gore.

Much like his flick from three years ago **Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,** is a pseudo documentary crosses fantasy with reality. Bruno and Borat are fake, but most of the situations around them could be real.

In **Bruno,** the title character visits a terrorist cell in the middle east, goes hunting in Alabama and upsets Harrison Ford in a 2 second cameo. The challenge for the viewer is to separate what is real and what is fake. One clue; if the cinematography looks grainey, the action was probably live.

The cameos by Congressman Ron Paul, Elton John, Sting, Bono and Sir Paul McCartney provide Cohen some authenticity to his wild endeavors, but one wonders if these celebrities know what they had gotten themselves into. Like **Borat,** Cohen gets fixated on the dirty and one feels the need for a shower after viewing **Bruno.*
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