CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Cinema Dave's brush with Michael Jackson

In April 2003, Cinema Dave managed to get press credentials for the Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBiFF). Cinema Dave was thrilled because he was hoping to meet the legendary Fay Wray, King Kong's favorite leading lady. Cinema Dave made some friends that night and we have a reunion every April for the annual PBiFF. We still talk about how special this PBiFF was in 2003.

Also was in attendance was Producer Robert Evans and recent Oscar winner for "The Pianist," Adrien Brody. Director and Florida son Brett Ratner presented an award, but he gave a speech about one of the people in attendance, Michael Jackson.

Jackson's body guards made an entrance from the side of the gala hall, the same place where Cindy Morgan partied with Ted Knight, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield during "Caddyshack." Michael Jackson appeared, waved to the crowd and sat in the center row.

The bodyguards stood at attention the whole time.
Michael appeared to be having a good time. He signed autographs and flirted with some of the people in the band, who played Michael Jackson tunes (Mostly from "Thriller."

It was a memorable night for Cinema Dave,
yet Cinema Dave only had eyes for one person that evening, Fay Wray.
While Fay Wray was in her nineties, Michael Jackson was only forty four years old.
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