CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Rumor Analysis from Chairman of the Board, The ConGaloosh Society, Inc.

The BIG announcement?
Well, at the moment, it is speculation heaped on
inference heaped on rumor heaped on educated guesswork.

1) the butler took the adventurers off for a one year cruise;
2) equity guidelines for a closed show are met (as of 1 Oct 09);
3) all premium passes and APs based on the AC as part of a PI ticket in any way will have expired;
4) PI's "new shopping" has failed to materialize, and, in fact, Virgin megastore is
5) new management is now in key levels at Disney;
6) the bring back the AC campaign showed a breadth and a depth beyond what Disney probably
expected; and
7) the bad economy means even small change popular attractions (like the AC) deserve a second look.

The "rumor" is that AC will reopen in some form Oct 1, and that there will be an announcement to
that effect 90 to 120 days out, but remember that it is JUST a rumor, may not be true, may be mistaken in the details even if partially true. In any event, come to ConGaloosh '2009 and if it is true, enjoy a spectacular celebration! If it isn't, give the AC a proper send-off.


Rob Croskery

"An Adventurer"

Chairman of the Board,

The ConGaloosh Society, Inc.

The Congaloosh Society is a 501(c) (3) Florida not for profit organization
that is not part of, nor endorsed by, the Walt Disney Company. Its mission
is promoting the art of interactive improvisational theatre and educating
the public on such theatre. See the website ConGaloosh (.org) or search
Facebook for ConGaloosh for more information n the convention and the

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