CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

A Night at the Museum 2

**A Night at the Museum 2 Battle of the Smithsonian** has quietly become one of biggest box office hits of the summer. The plot is as simple of the first movie, Larry (Ben Stiller) interacts with New York museum exhibits that come alive at night. Mischief occurs and Larry must resume order before the museum opens the next morning. Much like the first **Night at the Museum,** this sequel is entertaining because of the individual details relating to the artifacts and history. Like a good ringmaster, Ben Stiller stands aside and lets performers like Robin Williams (as Teddy Roosevelt), Hank Azaria and Amy Adams steal the show.

In this new movie , Larry has been neglected his friends at the New York museum. Heeding a warning from the Rough Rider himself, Larry learns that his friends are being decommissioned to the vaults of the Smithsonian Museum in the Washington D.C. Mall. During his rescue attempt, Larry runs afoul of an Egyptian Pharoarah (Azaria) who plots world domination with a rogue's gallery that includes Napopleon and Al Capone. Fortunatley, Larry allies himself with the Tuskgeegee Airmain and the shapley aviatress, Amelia Earhardt. (Amy Adams).

For most men and boys with testosterone, the sight of Amy Adams in the avatrix outfit is worth the price of admision on the six story tall IMAX screen. While it is appropriate that **A Night at the Museum 2 Battle at the Smithsonian** is currently being displayed at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery, the biggest laughs were generated by Ben Stiller's verbal interaction with his costars. In particular, the comedy between Stiller's nonplussed New Yorker and Hank Azaria's over the top Boris Karloff-like villian has enough class conflict like Hilton Perez being the guest of honor at the White House Correspondence's Dinner.

While **A Night at The Museum 2 Battle at the Smithsonian** concludes it's to make way for **Transformers 2 Rise of the Fallen** on June 30, the fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery will be screening **China The Panda Adventure** until December. This 50 minute non fiction film was filmed eight years ago at location in the Yangtze River. The cinematography is gorgeous and best seen on the biggest screen availiable.
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