CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Literary Cinema" rides off into the sunset....

With the year 2012 approaching, the Swine flu pandemic and the Boston Red Sox winning two World Series; perhaps we are living in time of the apocalypse. Yet with a firm foundation of personal belief, an apocalyptic time does not always mean the end of things, apocalyptic times can signal a glorious time ahead.

This Saturday, May 9th, will mark the final screening of "Literary Cinema." After five seasons and forty three presentations, the "Literary Cinema" program will literally ride off into the sunset, the last film is a John Wayne classic from 1939. (Due to licensing agreements, the actual title can not be printed, so come visit the Broward County Main Library this 1PM!)

From the written word to the moving image, "Literary Cinema" was a free movie program that was sponsored in part by the Bonnie Kafin Literary Fund through the Broward Public Library Foundation. "Literary Cinema" enjoyed a consistent audience and free books (Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's **Frankenstein,** Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" were given to patrons in attendance.

"Literary Cinema" was a lucky program.
On the eve of the first screening of "The Masque of Red Death," the leading lady, Jane Asher agreed to an exclusive e-mail interview for "The Observer." Vivian R. Clark from "The Historical Ship Modelers Society" presented her Blue Ribbon models of western mythology and one of the 500 grandchildren of "King Kong" put in a personal appearance at the Main Library.

While "Literary Cinema" is closing it's door as a free Main Library program, there is talk about reviving the "Literary Cinema" in a new venue. The program thrived by telling good stories, presented interesting characters, provided arrested visuals and is not likely to go extinct.


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