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Information Science Technology for the Future and Past

Ten years ago, I reluctantly accepted a position with Broward County Libraries. I write “reluctant” because I enjoyed my part time job with the Lighthouse Point Library and working with a team of dedicated volunteers (many from the Palm Aire of Coral Key Aqua Mermaids) and professionals like Cathy Anthony and Doreen Gauthier. While I think I had a good decade with the county libraries division, the little Lighthouse Point Library has always been “My Library.”

The Lighthouse Point Library has always been a source of comfort to me since the 1970s when it was located in the Venetian Shopping Center next to a barbershop. Under Doreen’s leadership, the little storefront became the community gem in Lighthouse Point. Besides naming the Lighthouse Point Library after her in 2007, Doreen Gauthier was been named “Librarian of the Year” by the Florida Library Association.

Doreen’s strength was not that she was a stereotypical librarian, she and her staff were customer service focused and understood the value of the written word to our community.

The value of the written word will come into focus for young people at the **14th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival** beginning April 23. Recently added to the celebrity roster will be Annasophia Robb, the 15 year old actress who starred in many library friendly movies like **Because of Winn Dixie,** **Charlie and the Chocolate Factory** and **Bridge to Terabithia.**

These three movies are based on books that are required reading for many young teens. Of course if the teen did not read the novels the night before their book report was due, then watching Annasophia Robb’s three movies can be found at our local libraries’ DVD collections.

A decade ago, young procrastinators would have been forced to check out a VHS copy from their local library. Yet mass video technology has changed consumption from VHS to DVD. As I write this column, the DVDs are being phased out to be replaced by Blu Ray technology.

Yet the switch to Blu Ray may be short lived due to the current economic situation and a new form of technology, video downloads. To learn about the latest video downloads, take the time to either visit websites of the Lighthouse Point Library web page; or the Broward County Library webpage Despite the glamour and the galas of the film industry, most cinematic needs can be found at your local library.
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