CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Lent 38 "The Cake Eaters" introduces Kristen Stewart

Mary Stuart Masterson's directorial debut

On a recent **Tonight Show,** 15 year old actress Dakota Fanning said that she “...wished she could be invisible.” Jany Leno replied, “In Hollywood, that will happen after you turn 40!” The comment was met with nervous laughter, moans and groans, perhaps because of the truism of the comment. Now that Julia Roberts turned 40 this year, who will be the next Julia Roberts?

Kristen Stewart, who turns 19 years old on April 9, 2009, seems primed to accept the tiara of Julia Roberts. Miss Stewart has worked with another former child prodigy Jodie Foster (**Panic Room**), has completed her second movie (**New Moon**) of the Stephenie Meyer's vampire trilogy and she has a new movie opening opening on the big screen (**Adventureland**) and a small movie being released on DVD (**The Cake Eaters.**), which premiered at the 22nd Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Directed by Mary Stuart Masterson **The Cake Eaters** is an ensemble drama featuring reliable character actors like Bruce Dern and Elizabeth Ashley, Kristen Stewart has the stand out role as a high school student with a muscular disease. Slurring her speech and walking awkwardly, Miss Stewart manages to get beyond the physical portrayal of the character to reveal teenage angst with conviction and complicated motivation. Underneath her disability, Miss Stewart's character has simple desire, she merely wants teenage sex in the back seat of a car. **The Cake Easters** is a beautiful film with all the tragedy and comedy that life has to offer.
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