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Lent Day 37 "Adventureland" was a great place for a kid - CinemaDave

Apr. 2nd, 2009 05:42 pm Lent Day 37 "Adventureland" was a great place for a kid

Hailed as a Spring break comedy **Adventureland,** does deliver belly laughs with a nostalgia reminder about young people working dead-end jobs in 1987. Yet, **Adventureland** is closer in spirit to **The Cake Eaters;** both movies present the rites of passage for a young woman named Em (Miss Stewart) and a young man named James (Jessie Eisenberg).

After a graduation party where much pot is consumed, rich kid James awaits his first one night stand, which never comes. James goes home and learns that his Dad's job is being downsized and that James' plan for graduate school at a Ivy League college may be postponed. Forced to make some quick cash, James goes to work in **Adventureland,** a theme park inspired by P.T. Barnum, whereas
“A Sucker is born every second.”

There are many subplots woven into **Adventureland,** that puts the spotlight on many of the quirky adult characters. There is the mysterious maintenance man Ryan Reynolds who may have played in the Lou Reed Band, but definitely romances every legal teen aged girl who works in **Adventureland.** The biggest belly laughs are generated by **Adventureland** bosses Bobby (Bill Hader) and Paulette (Kristen Wiig), a couple who may be distant relatives of the Family Von Trapp, except on Prozac. The most disturbing thing about **Adventureland* is the social acceptance of the drug usage. Jessie is able to woo Em because he has the best marijuana in Pennsylvania.

There is no doubt that Kristen Stewart has box office potential for the next twenty years. Hopefully she will take the time to examine the impact that he roles will have with her devoted fans and ticket buyers.

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