CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Lent Day 32 "The Golden Boys" formerly known as "Chatham"

Author Joseph C. Lincoln was born on the seashore of Massachusetts in the 19th century and died in Winter Park, Florida, Circa 1944. Considered a naturalist writer in the vein of author Theodore (**An American Tragedy**) Dreiser, Lincoln did not take his writing seriously. Lincoln claimed that he merely wanted to spin yarns and entertain his readers. **The Golden Boys** is an independent motion picture that attempts to capture the spirit of Joseph C. Lincoln and his tales of a fictional Cape Cod.

**The Golden Boys** opens with black & white stock footage of New England schooners on rough seas. As the credits conclude and the texture goes from black and white into color, the audience sees the grubby reality of Captain Jerry (Rip Torn), an old salt on a dinghy. Captain Jerry shares his large house with two other crew mates; Captain Perez (Bruce Dern) and Captain Zeb (David Carradine).

After eating some home cooked, but poorly tasting clamfritters, the three old Captains decide that they need a woman in the house. The three men decide owning a wife would be most economical choice, so they put an ad in a newspaper for a mail order bride. When Martha (Mariel Hemingway) arrives on the train depot, the three old gentlemen revert into childlike behavior.

**The Golden Boys** has some fine performances from the ensemble cast, that also includes Jon Savage, Julie Harris and Charles Durning. In particular, Bruce Dern gives a charming performance. Dern has a childish rapport with Rip Torn that is fun to watch on the gorgeous New England landscape. Sadly, the slow pace in the beginning of **The Golden Boys** makes this 96 minute motion picture seem longer than it is.
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