CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Lent Day 25 "Monsters versus Aliens" is sweet family/Imax entertainment

Premiering this weekend at the IMAX is "Monsters versus Aliens," "Monsters versus Aliens" is a fun motion picture for all of the family. It works as an energetic cartoon for the young and as an adult comedy with double meanings.

This Dreamworks film opens with their usual logo of a boy fishing at the base of a crescent moon. Except this time the logo is in black and white and a spaceship from "Plan 9 from Outer Space" flies overhead and sucks the boy into the spacecraft. The credits roll and the film stock converts from Black & White into color. By trashing the studio logo within the first 30 seconds of "Monsters versus Aliens," the audience knows that they are going on a wild ride worthy of Mr. Toad.

The plot is simple, Aliens want to take over planet earth and the Monsters are earth's last line of defense. Yet it is the science fiction references and visual details that make "Monsters versus Aliens" a fond motion picture, with a mixture of the myths derived from "Frankenstein," "Godzilla," "Earth versus The Flying Saucers," "Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo" and Vice President Al Gore.

These references and one liners come fast and furious. A second viewing of "Monsters versus Aliens" may be needed to appreciate the scope and good will of this IMAX motion picture.

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