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We will be having a 24 hour adoptathon starting Saturday March 14. Will we keep the shelter open for as long as it takes. I am hoping to adopt or foster out at least 100 kitties. Adopt a Cat 1125 Old Dixie Hywy Lake Park 33403

To everyone who has ever adopted, supported us, or volunteered for us, I am asking you to please forward this letter to everyone you know and ask them to forward to everyone they know.

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this. After 25 years of doing rescue in Palm Beach County, and giving up my home, and husband, and family I am going to have to close the shelter.

I will still help as many people as I can but will not be able to take in any cats or kitties.

We are in deep financial debt, which I cannot get out of as long as we have the shelter. I am hoping that one day we can reopen the shelter, but in the mean time I have to adopt out all of the kitties in the shelter. If you cannot adopt maybe you can foster a kitty or two.

Anyone that can help or has any ideas for the adoptathon please email me at

I fear that the ferals and scaredy cats will not go and I will have to put them down. This is about the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. It is hard enough having to put down the sick ones that we cannot make better. As you all know I do not believe in killing, but I can no longer care for them.

We are going to hold a meeting this coming
Tuesday March 10,at 6 PM at the PBG library located at 11303 Campus Dr across from the Gardens Mall. 561-626-6133.

I am hoping all my volunteers will show up and anyone else that is interested in helping out with the adoptathon or has any helpful suggestions as to what else we can do.

Please try to attend.

Thank you for all you do Inga Hanley,
Adopt a Cat 1125 Old Dixie Hywy Lake Park 33403

It is my desire to reopen the shelter someday. But in the mean time I will be there for anyone that I can help, I will always be there for the kitties.
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