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Lent Day 14.... try scuba diving in the world’s largest international mobile scuba diving pool at th

After seeing the new IMAX® film, Under the Sea 3D, you’ll want to try scuba diving yourself in the Be A Diver Pool. This immersive experience gives anyone age 12 and older the opportunity to discover the fun and exciting sport of scuba diving in the comfort of a tropically warm, 18,000-gallon pool.

Event attendees will have the opportunity to try scuba diving for free while testing out some of the latest scuba equipment provided on-site. Attendees who try scuba diving in the Be A Diver Pool will have a photo taken underwater that can be downloaded at . Be A Diver provides equipment and the Be A Diver Pool is staffed by diving professionals from local DEMA (Diving & Equipment Marketing Association) member retail stores. Those who take the plunge need not worry about getting wet, since Be A Diver provides towels, hair dryers and mirrors.

Members of the media can try scuba diving in the Be A Diver Pool while broadcasting live from underwater using state-of-the-art underwater cameras and OTS scuba masks
that allow for verbal communication.

In the new IMAX® film Under the Sea 3D, audiences will travel to some of the most exotic locations on this planet and see many creatures for the very first time. The film was shot by director/Cinematographer Howard Hall, produced by Toronto’s Toni Myers, executive produced by Graeme Ferguson, and produced for Howard Hall Productions by Michele Hall. This filmmaking team has captured some of the most extraordinary marine life ever shot on film, including the Stonefish – the world’s most venomous fish – and a new species of shark yet to be described by science.

See South Australia’s exquisite Leafy Sea Dragon and the endangered puppy-like Sea Lion – animals that can be found nowhere else on Earth. Filming with the IMAX 3D camera, the highest resolution motion picture camera ever created, allowed filmmakers to immerse audiences in this amazing underwater world as never before, bringing them face-to-face with these magical creatures. The film is narrated by Jim Carrey ad sponsored locally by Wachovia and co-sponsored by the Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Foundation.

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