CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Emmy and Culture of Life Thoughts

While I was disappointed for Peter Boyle, I was
thrilled to see that “Everyone Loves Raymond” won the
Emmy Award for Best Comedy. It was also appropriate
that Brad Garrett and Doris Roberts won Emmys for
supporting awards, because “Everyone Loves Raymond”
was a pure ensemble comedy. There is a timeless
quality to “Everybody Loves Raymond” that places this
television show on the pantheon of favorite television
sitcoms from television’s 50 year history. The
program avoided topical references and avoided the
ratings gimmicks of presenting the dreaded “special
episode.” “Everybody Loves Raymond” celebrated
everyday life.

Patricia Heaton and her husband, David Hunt, produced
and directed their celebration of small town life in
“The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania.” This
fine documentary presents a world where the culture of
life is respected and affirmed in all of it’s
eccentric glory. This project seems close to the core
beliefs of the Hunts, given that Mrs. Hunt is the Life
Honorary Chair for “Feminists for Life of America,”
whose motto is “Woman Deserve Better than Abortion.”
Now that she is retired from “Raymond,” Patrice Heaton
had inked a contract with the ABC Network, which
happens to be owned by Walt Disney. Given the Hunt’s
Mission statement on their Four Boys website, look for
similar television projects that illuminate the human
condition in all its terrifying glory.
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