CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Statement by Rebublican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer

"Today we put politics aside and stand united behind our nation's new President. We are proud to bear witness to this historic day not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans."

"With unprecedented challenges facing us, Republicans are committed to reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats to get our economy back on track and help families and small businesses."

"In Florida, we have led by example, putting partisan rhetoric aside during these difficult times and seeking common-sense solutions."

"We must also take this bipartisan approach on the national level, beginning with a commitment to working with President Obama and his administration, while staying true to our values and principles."

"As President Obama takes the Oath of Office, the policy debate will begin. Our Party will have an opportunity to distinguish between the governing philosophy of Republicans and Democrats. We must be the Party of results and solutions,
not simply the opposition."
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