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"Nunsense" at the Lake Worth Playhouse - CinemaDave

Jan. 19th, 2009 10:14 am "Nunsense" at the Lake Worth Playhouse

Striking the middle ground between the Roman Catholicism of **The Sound of Music** and **Doubt,** is **Nunsense,** a live theater presentation at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Written by Dan Grogin, **Nunsense** is a musical comedy about five nuns who are forced to perform a fund raiser in in New Jersey.

While **Nunsense** does not contain as many memorable musical numbers as **The Sound of Music,** this Lake Worth Playhouse production features some fine comedic and vocal performances. Without meaning to, local talent Gina Nespoli is a standout in this ensemble piece. A veteran of last summer's production of **Hair,** Nespoli has the vocal git of Etta James and the comedic timing of Carol Burnett. For more information about this **Nunsense,** contact the Lake Worth Playhouse at (561) 586 – 6410.

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