CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Merry Christmas

Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking to time to read my blog, which will soon be four years old.
Compared to Christmas past, I am way behind with my viewings, postings, screenings and Christmas shopping. Losing that week from the retail season really messed me up!

Last week, I got to be the master of ceremonies for our annual Christmas Party for the 5th consecutive year. To the credit of our administration, they insisted that we stopped what we were doing and have a good time. Some people resented this intrusion and some people felt better about life after the party.

In tough times like this, it is important that we remember we have to fight to be happy. These tough days will pass, history tells us that they always do.

Studying history is stress reduction. In the next six days, my blog entries will reflect upon the year of 2008, with the last entry being my top 10 list.

However - today is truly a special day to focus on hope, faith and Love.
Regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself at the moment, one can have a Merry Christmas if they are focused on hope, faith and Love on this particular day.

Merry Christmas!
..and now for your entertainment pleasure....a repeat blog entry!

Last December, My Christmas Spirit soared at Disneyworld.
Jessica served some great hot chocolate and I got to listen to some great tunes....

This next song honored a famous Italian Donkey!

Sometimes a toy can inspire a memory...

Last, but not least, Fletcher Hodges invited Slappy the Puppet for a touching duet.


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