CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Even the Heavy reccomends "Bolt"

While attending Spooky Empire’s **Screamfest** in Orlando last October, actor Malcolm McDowell was surrounded by minions from **Halloween,** **Friday the 13th** and our local bogeymen, Jerry & Woody. Despite being the guest of honor at this creepy affair, McDowell told his audience,

”I am the voice of the heavy in the new Disney movie **Bolt,** I recommend this magnificent movie!”

While this dog of a movie is not in the same stratosphere as this summer’s PIXAR classic **WALL-E,** **Bolt** is a clever movie on it’s own heart tugging merit.

Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) is a television superhero dog on a television series filmed in a California studio. Through a series of misadventures while on tour on the east coast, Bolt ends up stranded from his costar, Penny (Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus). Penny is heartbroken, but the director (James Lipton, the host of **The Actor’s Studio**) and Penny’s agent are determined that the show must go on. In the meantime, Bolt does not have a clue that he is in danger or really lost. In fact, the dog believes that he is reliving one of his super adventures in the battle of good and evil with Dr. Calico (McDowell).

**Bolt** provides both family entertainment and a satirical look at movie making in Hollywood. There is plenty of humor that grows from character motivation and action. There is also an exciting climax involving rescue from a burning studio. With a gung ho attitude, **Bolt** is an endearing hero and has been a box office champion with local audiences. If you have not seen **Bolt, ** Disney has reissued the movie with a short subject titled, **Tokyo Mater,** a short subject featuring the characters from Pixar’s **Cars** universe.
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