CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

see Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa at Science AutoNation® IMAX® Theater

As political animals deal with their post election depression, talking animals have ruled the motion picture box office. Combined, both **Beverly Hills Chihuahua** and **Madagascar Escape 2 Africa**have grossed nearly 150 million dollars in box office revenue. What is extremely impressive is that **Madagascar Escape 2 Africa**grossed 63 million dollars over one weekend.

Part of the success for **Madagascar Escape 2 Africa** is that it was created for the six story tall IMAX screen. The computerized visuals recreate the epic grandeur of an African Savanna with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The Dolby Sound system helps sell the upbeat and positive soundtrack that features songs by Will I Am. People stick around to watch the credits in order to listen to the music.

Will I Am voices Moto Moto, the hippopotamus love interest of Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith). Gloria is sought by Melman the hypochondriac Giraffe (David Swimmer). Gloria and Melman are reunited with their costars from the original **Madagascar**movie, Marty the Zebra (Chris Rock) and Alex the Lion (Ben Stiller).

Alex the Lion Cub is featured in the prologue of **Madagascar Escape 2 Africa.** Alex is the son of Zuba (the late Bernie Mac), the king of the pride. While proving his dominance over Makunga (Alec Baldwin, a natural villain), Alex gets kidnapped and becomes the king of the New York City Zoo. Through happenstance, Alex is reunited with his father and his new enemy, Makunga.

For a simple kiddie movie, **Madagascar Escape 2 Africa.** contains a complicated plot. Yet the emphasis is upon animal behavior and how they relate to human behavior. It helps to see the first **Madagascar** film to understand the character motivation and intention. Yet the new film works as a humorous parable about human nature.

At one point, the mercenary Penguins decide to fix an airplane. Under the Penguin’s leadership, the plane is reconstructed. However when more mechanical precision is required, Chimpanzees are recruited. Realizing their importance to the mission, the Chimpanzees go on strike and demand better employee benefits. The absurd visual between the Chimpanzees and the Penguins is not much different between labor unions and administrator negotiators in a Right to Work state.

Due to the production delay of **Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,** **Madagascar Escape 2 Africa** will be the family holiday movie at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science. For those seeing a more serious film about the environment, **Battle in Seattle** opens this weekend. This drama about environmental protest opens this weekend and stars Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Andre Benjamin, Ray Liotta. It would be fun to see both films and decide which animal would win the box office gold next weekend, political animals or talking animals?
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