CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

The American Dream keeps rolling on...

Unlike the attack on the naval base in Pearl Harbor or the attack on the Pentagon, the attack on the Twin Towers was murder upon civilians who went to their jobs on September 11th. These individuals were not warriors, but people who were trying to make a living, pay their bills and support their families. Osama Bin Laden's buddies made a strategic mistake by picking an international street fight in the streets of New York. Four years later a coalition of armed forces have taken the fight to the streets of Afghanistan and Iraq. If these devils are not dead, they are hiding in the same darkness with the roaches, rats and the maggots.

The healing process began with the most simple of actions. Whether it was the fire fighters who unfurled the American flag shortly after the attacks or when President Bush threw out the first pitch in the World Series. The final tribute came when the producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, asked Mayor Rudy Giuliani for permission to be funny.

As individuals, it had become important that we continue with living life and fighting for happiness. On the one year anniversary (2002) of the attacks, South Florida was trying to figure out who won the Democratic Primary race for Governor. During this sad anniversary, I was able to witness an event that was uniquely indicative of the American Dream.

Jose Prendes was funding, writing and directing a motion picture titled "Corpses are Forever." It should be noted that Jose was born in South America and his parents died when he was a child. Jose took the movie on the film festival circuit and found a distributor for his DVD opus. The film features B movie stawarts Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon and Linnea Quigley

Given their collective reputation in horror movies , I had to ask these actresses what they perceived the future of horror movies would be after the real terror of 9/11.

"Even though the times we live in provide us with plenty of real life scares and violent images, " according to Debbie Rochon," we need to watch actors "act out" extreme situations knowing for the most part how the story will end. As a matter of fact, the worst real life events get, the more we want to escape."

"We all need a controlled outlet for our fears," according to Brinke Stevens, "Everyone likes to watch a film and be scared. Feel the adrenaline rush, and then laugh it off later. It is a safe way to work on the the dark side,"

At first, Linnea Quigley predicted more censorship in the near future. However in the long run, "People need the fantasy of the horror movies to forget the real horror going on."

Our worst fears from four years ago have not come to fruition. Given the 2004 presidential election, the politicians have returned their business as usual. The recession ended and American citizens are pursuing their dreams. The terrorists have failed to stop the American Dream. And in their madness, the terrorists are destroying themselves.
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