CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

BCL begins the second season of "Literary Cinema"

It seems appropriate that the second season of
"Literary Cinema" opens September 10 during Banned
Book Month. Nine films have been selected for
screening one Saturday afternoon a month until May 13.
The screenings and discussions are free to the public
and are held in the Main Library 291 seat auditorium.
Thanks to the Bonnie Deborah Kafin Literary Fund
through the Broward Public Library Foundation, 50 hard
covered copies of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's
"Frankenstein" will be given to the first 50 people
who attend the screening this Saturday at 1PM.

Ironically, due to film licensing agreements, the
Broward County Libraries Division can not reveal the
actual title of the movie in this article. Inquiring
minds can find this month's titles can be in
"Bookings," a free monthly publication found at your
local library. Disclaimer aside; here at the dates
with selected authors and movies stars that are
featured in "Literary Cinema Season 2005-2006;"

September 10:
Ray Bradbury's novel about firemen who
burn books opens the new season. This science
fiction metaphor about censorship stars Julie Christie
and was directed by Francois Truffaut.(1966)

October 8:
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley inspired this
James Whale directed movie starring Boris Karloff.
The Frankenstein Monster survives a burning windmill
and demands a mate. Doctor Frankenstein and the
villagers are not happy about the impeding nuptials.

November 12:
Based on a book by John Steinbeck, Gary
Sinise directed and stars in this movie about migrant
workers. Co Starring Sherilyn Fenn and John Malkovich
as the brutally strong, but mentally challenged
migrant worker named Lennie. (1992)

December 10:
Charles Dickens inspired this musical
about street crime and orphans. Costarring Mark
Lester, Oliver Reed and Ron Moody as Fagin, this film
won the Best Picture Oscar.(1968)

January 14:
This William H. Armstrong novel won the
Newberry Award in literature. Directed by Martin
Ritt, this film introduced Cicely Tyson and Paul
Winfeld to mainstream audiences and lost the best
picture Oscar to **The Godfather** in 1972.

February 14:
William Shakespeare's four hundred year
old comedy still offers contemporary sage advice on
love and romance. Filmed in Tuscany and directed by
Kenneth Branagh, this unique ensemble cast features
Keanu Reeves, Denzil Washington, Kate Beckinsale,
Michael Keaton and Emma Thompson. (1993)

March 11:
James M. Cain wrote pot boiler paperback
novels. Considered the epitome of film noir, this
dark look at martial infidelity and insurance scams
stars Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. Edward G.
Robinson steals the show as the heroic insurance
adjust or. (1944)

April 8:
Bernard Malamud wrote several sports
inspired novels about the Depression era. With an
inspirational musical score by Randy Newman, the
gorgeous cinematography pays homage to the great
American past time. This film stars Robert Redford,
Kim Bassinger and Glenn Close. (1984)

May 13:
Glendon Swarthout wrote on a variety subjects,
from Fort Lauderdale Spring Break in the 1960s to the
medical plight of truck drivers during the 1970s.
This movie stars Ron Howard, Melody Scott Thomas,
James Stewart and John Wayne in his last role of a
gunfighter facing his last showdown. (1976)
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