CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

RiP Paul Newman

Paul Newman was a leading man who loved to play losers, bums and unsavory people. When he finally won an Oscar for the Fast Eddie Felson sequel, "The Color of Money," it was for the culmination of his career, sorta like when John Wayne finally got his Oscar for "True Grit."

Like John Wayne, cancer claimed Paul Newman. Unlike John Wayne, Paul Newman was a staunch Democrat with many opinions. In 1982, Paul Newman debated Charlton Heston about the subject of having a nuclear arms freeze on ABC Nightline. It was not Mr. Newman's most stellar moment.

Unlike most Hollywood Limousine Liberals, Paul Newman put his money where his mouth was. His non profit food business, Newman's Own ( raised over 250 million for charity. Check out this link for the Hall in the Wall Camps;

Paul Newman's charity fund raising would not have been successful if the food products were poor. Newman's Own Popcorn is my particularly favorite of the microwave popcorn and I always felt good eating it.
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