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Between today and Easter weekend, our local economy will enjoy an influx of tourism dollars from seasoned citizens and college students. Some college students may be staying with their grandparents in their condominiums. If there were a movie that will entertain the generational gap, **Play the Game** is the flick. In an effort the bridge the generational gap, the new movie, **Play the Game** will be given an exclusive and limited release in South Florida starting tomorrow.

David (Paul Campbell) is a successful car salesman and ladies man. He is concerned about his widowed Grandpa Joe (Andy Griffith), a man housed in an assisted living facility. To boost his love life, David decides to coach his grandfather and teach him the five rules of Playing the Game in Romance.

The five rules turns the lonely grandfather into the Casanova of the retirement community. While he first dates Edna (Liz Sheridan), Grandpa Joe has eyes for Rose (Doris Roberts). As his grandfather becomes more proficient with the five rules, David’s love life starts to falter when he meets Julie (Marla Sokoloff), a young woman who has a relative living in the retirement center.

Essentially there are two stories that feature two sets of romance for the young and old. While the young ingénues Paul Campbell and Marla Sokoloff thread the motion picture, it is the senior citizens that steal the motion picture and makes this film memorable.

The senior citizens are headlined by Liz Sheridan, Doris Roberts and Andy Griffith. These three actors carry the luggage from their television shows. Liz Sheridan was Jerry Seinfeld's Mommy, Doris Roberts was Ray Barone's Mother and Andy Griffith was Opie's Pa in Mayberry R.F.D. The laughs come from our familiarity of seeing these characters in awkward situations. The situations are real, but the comedic moments are exaggerated for some atomic belly laughs.

Despite the PG-13 rating, Griffith and Sheridan share a scene that is tastefully shocking. Griffith sells the scene with some incredible facial expressions. **Play the Game** has some funny gags after the credits close and features an encore of Andy Griffith's facial expressions.

Much like the successful release of **The Boynton Beach Club** from two years ago, **Play the Game** is likely to become a local cult favorite. At the recent Fort Lauderdale International International Film Festival, **Play the Game** received the Audience Award for Best Indie Feature. While this film might not win as many Oscars as l**The Reader** or **Milk,** **Play the Game*** has many more laughs.

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