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"Hound dog" Ain't Nothing except a fine performance by Dakota Fanning - CinemaDave

Sep. 21st, 2008 03:55 pm "Hound dog" Ain't Nothing except a fine performance by Dakota Fanning

"Hound dog" is the controversial Dakota Fanning movie. The 12 year old actress actress portrays a victim of rape. The scene is not kiddie porn and is more suggestive by the things one does not see. The film sequence relies upon the facial expressions of the rapist, the bystander and the pain of the victim. The rape scene is pivotal point in this movie about a neglected girl.

Lewellen (Fanning) is a self reliant girl who lives in the rural south. Lewellen tends to her Daddy (David Morse) and answers to her domineering Grammie (Piper Laurie). Sometimes Daddy brings home a girlfriend and asks Lewellen to perform her Elvis Presley impression, especially the tune "Hound dog."

It is Lewellen's public singing in the forest that captures the ear of Charles (Afemo Omilami), a black man who tends to animals. Charles educates Lewellen about the Blues culture. Despite Lewellen's protests, Charles claims that "Hound dog" was a popular Big Momma Thornton tune before Elvis recorded it. It is when Lewellen faces hardship, that she is able to comprehend the healing power of singing the blues.

Like last year's "Black Snake Moan," "Hound dog" places the female lead character in confining situation. While both films are flawed, both "Hound dog" and "Black Snake Moan" acknowledge the darkness in life and the ability to find redemption.

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