CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Katrina Part III - Florida and Louisiana

Being a resident of South Florida for 32 years, I have lived through many hurricanes.
You respect a storm,
prepare for the storm
and pray that it is not too bad.
Through the grace of God, my family and friends have been spared.

What is the difference between Louisiana and Florida?
It must be the leadership.
Since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, our municipal, county and state government emphasize communication through the media.
Given our four hurricanes from 2004, Florida Government became a model for disaster preparation.
My neighbors may become annoyed by the constant news reports, but we are the best prepared citizens in the United States.

The same can not be said for the preparations of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Mayor Ray Nagin. If you want to read about governmental indecisiveness, please follow the logic from the leadership of Tulane University and how they reacted to Hurricane Katrina since August 26

National media has turned this national tragedy into another excuse to bash President Bush.
With nothing better to do with his time, Michael Moore has submitted a satirical letter.
It would be interesting if Moore can do anything to solve problems instead of just whining about them.

On a positive note, my niece Leigh is home in New England.
She may be involved in a reciprocal agreement between and a local college (Harvard? Boston College?) to continue her semester. Life does move on....
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