CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"India Kingdom of the Tiger" does not create much sympathy for the big cat

At the start of the Gulf War, circa 1991, I was teaching high school seniors. As we discussed this first conflict with Saddam Hussein, one of my students proclaimed;
"We should fight those rag heads the way we fought the Vietnam War!"
After explaining to this student that the United States did not win the Vietnam War (No fault of our military), I asked the student to explain to me who the "rag heads" were. The student replied, "Any of those people who work at the mini mart." Obviously we had a discussion about bigotry and prejudice. We also discussed the differences between Asia and the Middle East and the differences between the Sunni, Shite, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions, something I learned in Mark Wilcox's 6th Grade Social Studies class. The student was not impressed. On this seventh year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, I often wonder if my former student ever learned anything about cultural in seventeen years.

Of the two movies, **India Kingdom of the Tiger** is the weakest. While there are some great shots of a Tiger prowling the countryside, one is haunted by the beast eating a innocent bystander (off screen, of course). The scene is jarring. At forty minutes, the narrative is rushed and the climax seems padded. As **India Kingdom of the Tiger** concludes, one feels like they are watching stock footage of street people.

Both **Mystic India** and **India Kingdom of the Tiger** are worthy of the Museum of Discovery's 2nd Annual American Heritage Series. For ambitious social study teachers, a field trip to the Museum of Discovery may prove to be an enlightening experience.

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