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"Life Before Her Eyes" - most critics hated it, therefore I liked it - CinemaDave

Aug. 27th, 2008 07:58 am "Life Before Her Eyes" - most critics hated it, therefore I liked it

The producers of "The Life Before Her Eyes" lost confidence with this movie. It was due for release but did poorly at critical screenings, scoring 25%, half the score of the sadistic **Funny Games.** **The Life Before her Eyes** is a complicated movie and could use an objective editor to straighten out the meandering subplots. However upon closer reflection, **The Life Before Her Eyes** stimulates conversation about choice, responsibility and sacrifice.

Young Diana (Evan Rachel Wood) and her friend Maureen (Eva Amurri) skip class to gab in the ladies room. The two ladies hear gunshots and encounter the shooter, a class mate. The young man asks Maureen and Diana to chose which individual should live and which one should die.

The film flash forwards to the twenty year anniversary of the high school shooting. Diana (Uma Thurman) is now married with a child who likes to high from her nuns at a Catholic school. As the memorial approaches, Diana confronts some obvious guilt about her young actions.

**The Life Before Her Eyes** presents two narratives between Young Diana and the maternal Diana. There is a mystery about the events that lead up to the shooting. There is also a blocked memory that haunts the maternal Diana. The audience learns about the importance of choice and action.

Playing one role, both actresses acquit themselves.

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