CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

When it is being humorous, "Four Brothers" is worth a peak on DVD

"Four Brothers" was the number one hit movie three weeks ago and it is disappearing from the multiplexes near you. This John Singleton directed feature is entertaining with a modern version of "Dirty Dozen" kind of humor. There are set pieces and star making scenes that gets the audience cheering.

So what is the problem with the "Four Brothers?" It is the dogma of the Hollywood studios to cover ALL the bases of popular culture; potty mouth language, favorite tunes from Motown and ever reliance on a formulaic plot featuring anti hero personal development.

A kindly old lady named Ma Mercer (Fionula Finnegan) is shot at a convenience store. In her younger days, this old lady used to take in Detroit ghetto orphans and teach them morality. Some kids learned their prayers and other children remained criminals with a conscience. The code of the streets reunite the four Mercer Brothers; Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), Jack (Garett Hedglund), Angel (Tyrese Gibson) and Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin). The Four Brothers uncover the conspiracy that killed Ma Mercer and plot their revenge.

The tragedy of the street crime is forgotten once the four brothers reunite. The tone shifts to comical and there are some humorous moments that grow out of the character interaction. When the tone shifts back to the tragic again, the film becomes hallow again. Fortunately, the fascist, behavior of the master mobster returns the tone back to humorous.

Singelton stages some fine action sequences. One great shootout features a drive by shooting that goes awry. This sequence is not rushed and relies on the actions seen within the frame of the lens. This sequence and the humor is not worth full admission price, but "Four Brothers" is worth a peak when it is released on DVD.
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