CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Wall E" is great

When Walt Disney and Pixar unite, the ticket buyer can anticipate a consistent entertaining experience. **WALL-E** is the latest offering from the Disney-Pixar marriage and it is a worthy relative of their previous classics, **Toy Story 2** and **Monsters Inc.** All three movies begin with light and non offensive entertainment, but progress to deeper themes. People who see these motion pictures a second time often find things that they have missed the first time.

*WALL-E** begins in the 29th Century.
Man had departed the planet earth due to environmental concerns. Only
**WALL-E,** an acronym for **Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class,** seems to be the only living object on planet earth. WALL-E is inventive and self preserving. When parts break down, WALL-E has enough replacement parts to repair himself. After a full day of waste allocation and load lifting, WALL-E spends his evenings watching **Hello Dolly.**

One day, WALL-E is visited by EVE, whose acronym is Extraterrestial Vegetation Evaluator. After a disastrous first encounter, EVE realizes that WALL-E has something she needs to fulfill her directive. WALL-E has found a plant, the first life form found on planet earth since the exile.

This simple narrative, grows into something complex with a satirical commentary about people who rely too much on machinery. **WALL-E** manages to provide action, romance, tears and genuine, belly laughs to the people of Earth. Thanks to Pixar, Walt Disney is running on all cylinders and has easily created one of the best movies of the year.

Sadly, Walt Disney executive management has lost sight of one of their own uniqueness. On September 27, Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney will close. Much hyped and marketed during the 1990s, Pleasure Island nightlife apparently has not earned its return of investment. While some of these nightclubs maintained an appeal for high school and college crowds, one of the most unique nightclubs ever will be closing their doors, the Adventurer's Club.

Since 1989, the doors would open at 7:30 PM and the final call would be at 1:30 AM. In between, one would become club members thanks to President Permelia Perkins, learn the club salute from Fletcher T. Hodges, witness the yearly Balderdash Cup competition between Club Tresurer Otis T. Wren, Hathaway Browne and Emil Blehall from Sandusky, Ohio, sing caberet tunes with Samantha Sterling and wrap up the evening singing with the ensemble cast, **When the Saints go Marching In.** In between, you laughs at the battle of wits between the great ensemble of actors and the mechanical security officer known as Colonel Critchlow Suchbench.

One enters the Adventurer's Club a stranger and most people leave as a friend. For the past four years, I have been treated better by this establishment than I have been by local businesses that have I have frequent. **The Adventurer's Club** has been my solace and my fortress of solitude, thanks to Kirk and Jessica, two outstanding customer service representatives.
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