CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

ElaineViets takes her "Club" on the road.....

Elaine Viets 2007 "Murder with Reservations"

Elaine Viets 2008 "Clubbed to Death"

Elaine Viets and Florida Center for the Book Director Eileen McNally

On Tuesday June 10 at the Broward County Main Library, author Elaine Viets kicked off her publicity tour for "Clubbed to Death,” her latest Helen Hawthorne mystery. A temp worker on the lamb, Helen Hawthorne works at an exclusive resort club for members who do not have heart attacks, they cause them. Set in the South Florida community, "Clubbed to Death" provides a satirical look at people who do not have any problems. The guests of the exclusive Superior Club like to threaten the workers with the phrase; “Do you know who I am?”

Just in time for summer poolside reading, "Clubbed to Death" is Elaine Viets’ follow up to "Murder with Reservations" (Hotel Industry),
"Murder Unleashed" (Dog Grooming business)
"Dying to Call You" (telephone sales).

In each one of these Helen Hawthorne mysteries about temporary employment, Elaine Viets has researched these jobs by being hired by employers in the various fields of occupation. Tonight Eliane will be in Delray Beach for a book signing at "Murder on the Beach" bookstore. For details and directions; please visit this website -


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