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Neil Cavuto's Tips for Senator McCain - CinemaDave

Jun. 6th, 2008 08:47 pm Neil Cavuto's Tips for Senator McCain

Neil Cavuto provided a "real man makeover" for Senator John McCain. I may have to accept some of this advice for my golden years now;

Tip one:
Embrace your inner fuddy duddy.
So it is cool to go to an early bird.

Tip two:
Don't make your age the issue, make his age the issue.
Living twice as long as your opponent means you have lived twice a lifetime.

Tip three:
Don't hide your temper. Show it.
It worked for Ronald Reagan when Mr. Breen turned off his microphone during a debate.
Ronald Reagan paid for the debate.
The press treated Reagan like a hothead, the public saw him as a customer who was being gypped.

Tip four:
In the debates, shake your head. Don't say anything. Just shake your head.
I was more effective in the classroom as a teacher when I talked less.

Tip five:
Tap your inner Bob Newhart.
"I'm older than dirt" line, and got the scars to prove it."
One of the best understated lines that John McCain said in a debate, when talking about the 1960s was;

"I was tied up at the time."

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