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"Fugitive Pieces" features a fine performances by Rosamund Pike - CinemaDave

May. 5th, 2008 08:14 pm "Fugitive Pieces" features a fine performances by Rosamund Pike

"Fugitive Pieces" is a somber movie. The film opens with Jakob, a young Jewish boy who witnesses the murder of his family in Poland. The orphan is rescued by a Greek archaeologist, who hides the boy in Greece. As World War II ends, Jakob and the Greek immigrate to New York.

Despite growing up, becoming an academic and dating a former James Bond girl (Rosamund Pike), Jakob (Stephen Dillane) is haunted by his childhood. As Jakob becomes more reclusive, he loses contact with people who love him. It is only by confronting his past, Jakob is able to shape his future.

Based on Anne Michaels' book, "Fugitive Pieces" had the potential of being a great movie about redemption. Unfortunately the film is sterile with a confusing narrative structure. The editing confuses flashbacks with flash forwards. With the exception of Rosamund Pike in a small role, one loses touch with the characters who are not Jakob.

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