CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Vincent Furnier IS the Golf Monster

Despite my love of monsters since 1972, one would think that I would have been a fan of Alice Cooper. He was too weird for me, but I did appreciate his song "Schools Out!" every June. Alice Cooper was always around during my middle school years. One year he did an episode of the gong Show and before 1977, his Love ballad the topped the charts.

After listening to "Alice Cooper, Golf Monster," I intend to listen to more Alice Cooper now. Self narrated by the author, the story begins in Michigan 60 years ago. The son of a preacher man, Vincent Furnier created a villainous alter ego by the name of Alice Cooper.

"Alice Cooper, Golf Monster" details Vincent Furnier's salvation by transferring his addiction from alchohol to that of golf. It is a great story and features funny , but respectful anedotes about Mae West, Groucho Marx, Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Shep, Vincent Furnier's longtime manager.

To find out about the most controversial thing that Alice Cooper ever did; check out this website -

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