CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Bob Newhart's autobiography

Audio books by comedians are a treat.
Especially when the comedian reads it themselves.
Bob Newhart's "I Shouldn't Even be Doing This" the story about an accountant who became a comedian. Newhart discusses his beginnings as a stand-up comedian with his experiences making movies and television shows. Newhart also discusses his Roman Catholicism and his relationship with Don Rickles.

Newhart discusses the evolution of comedy from Henny Youngman one-liners to the situational comedy of Lenny Bruce and Bill Cosby. At least a few times a year, Newhart still enjoys performing standup. "I Shouldn't Even be Doing This" also repeat's Newhart's classic routines, like a new night watchman starting his job in the Empire State Building the night that King Kong arrived.


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