CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

PBiFF Awards Wrap Up!

The Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film went to
“The Little Traitor,”
written and directed by Lynn Roth. Based on the novel Panther in the Basement by world-renowned author Amos Oz, the movie takes place in Palestine in 1947, a few months before Israel becomes a state. Proffy, a militant yet sensitive 11-year old, wants the occupying British to get the hell out of his land. One evening, out after curfew, Proffy is seized by Sergeant Dunlop, a British officer. Instead of arresting him, he deposits him back home, but in the weeks to come, a friendship ensues between these two foes. Once Proffy's friends discover this, they report him as a traitor and he is brought to trial. These experiences shape him for life, especially the shock that he could have such genuine affection for the enemy.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature went to
“Of All Things”
directed by Jody Lambert. Dennis Lambert, one of the most successful songwriters/producers of the '70s & '80s, embarks on a whirlwind 'comeback' tour of The Phillipines, where his obscure, 1972 solo album is still hugely successful.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film went to
directed by Rory Kindersley. Tommy, Joey and Rascal feel that this could finally be their year to take home the prize in an annual game of cowboys against the local bullies. And what of the prize? To make out with the local beauty!

At the center of the Film Festival were the filmmakers. Randi Emerman, PBIFF Director, commented, “This year, for me, it was refreshing and inspiring to have had the honor to discover so many wonderful filmmakers from the corners of the earth. The films unveiled a wide swath of experiences…they entertained and dazzled us, they made us laugh and cry, but more importantly, they made us think!”
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