CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

PBiFF concludes with their best grand finale yet

"Young@ Heart" is a dynamic motion picture that mixes cool with uncool and creates a life affirming experience. "Young@Heart" is an emotional roller coaster ride from laughter to tears to laughter again.

This documentary features a group of seasoned citizens who sing in a chorus. Under the direction of Bill Cilman, these World War II and Korea War Veterans do not sing their favorite tunes from the Big Band era. Instead these vocalist sing Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Heavy Medal and Punk tunes. Unlike the original creators of such tunes as "Schizophrenia," the "Young@Heart" chorus articulate each word. In most instances, the interpretations of the "Young@Heart" chorus reveal the depth of lyrics created by Cold Play, the Bee Gees, David Bowie and James Brown.

There is so much humor in this film and it is life affirming humor. "Young@Heart" is respectful to each individual, from Fred Kittle's one liners to the prison inmate who becomes moist eye while watching these old geezers sing about their fallen comrade.

Don't miss "Young@Heart" and see it on the big screen with the family. If no one wants to see the film, then you have my permission to call them an "Old Fogie." This is a great documentary in which fairy tales can come true if one remains young at heart.
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