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Len Lesser and "2 and 1/2 Jews"

After a month long run at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, "Two and 1/2 Jews" concludes it's local run this Saturday at 1PM, a special early show. Top billed and homesick Len Lesser will return to his home in California that night.

Best known for playing "Uncle Leo" in "Seinfeld," Lesser has worked steadily as a character actor for over sixty years. Since the dawn of television, Lessor has had a part in every popular television show each decade, from "The Untouchables" to "Everybody Loves Raymond." Lesser recalled to Jerusalem. It was a spiritual and solemn occasion with people dressed in exotic robes and submitting prayers into the wailing wall. His religious moment was interrupted when he heard a a person's scream,
"Hey Look!!!! It's UNCLE LEO!!!!!"

Unlike his previous television shows were his character was frequently killed off, Lesser enjoys reoccurring roles because they provide a steady paycheck. Due to the writer's strike, Lesser accepted this local assignment to perform at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. Sadly, his run in South Florida prevented an opportunity for a reoccurring role with the HBO Show, "Weeds."

"Weeds" loss is South Florida's gain. Tickets are available. Contact (954) 633-2343 to witness Len Lesser's final week in South Florida.
The cast of "Two and One Half Jews," Left to Right; Mark Robert Gordon (Director/Actor), Len Lesser, Bruce Adler

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