CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Smart People" ain't for the dumb

"Smart People" features3 smart people and one not so smart person. The not so smart person, Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) is the adopted brother of a high brow and burned out literature professor, Lawrence Wetherford (Dennis Quaid). Lawrence is the widow and father of a well adjusted high school senior Vanessa (Ellen Page), who is wise enough to score high on her SATs, keep a clean house and contribute her free time towards the Young Republicans.

When he is injured from a preventable incident, Professor Wetherford comes into contact with the steely medical doctor, Janet Hartigan(Sarah Jessica Parker), a former student. Due to his injury, Lawrence is restricted from driving and must rely on his adoptive brother to drive him around. Little does Professor Lawrence Wetherford know, his reliance upon his brother, daughter and medical doctor help redeem his life.

"Smart People" is an unusual movie.
The climatic scenes are underplayed and the audience is forced to figure out key moments. "Smart People" pays off to ticket buyers who have IQs over 99.
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